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More Shelton 1/2 day track events added!

Got this note from Tom Prichett of Turn2 regarding added 1/2 day track events at Shelton.  Adding them to my personal planning calendar.



Turn2 has reached an agreement to run the Test N Tune days for several of the race groups at the Ridge Motorsports Park.  There is no impact to how we run the Advanced and High intermediate run groups at all.  We do, however, will make the Low Intermediate group into the TnT run group and there will be no novice drivers driving at these events.  This means that we just added 4 more awesome days to our Turn2 calendar for 2017!  These dates include:

Friday June 16th
Friday Aug 11th
Friday Aug 25th
Friday Sept 8th

We are also in the process and in talks with running several Wednesday night events.  The hours will be from 3:00pm – 8:00pm which will have more limited track time, but the overall expense to run will be less than our regular track day.  Also, it may be easier to ask the boss or the local jail for early release instead of the day off!  More on this as we work out the details on our end.

We do have plenty of space for this coming  Friday and look to register for the following track day joined with SCCA here!