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And Now for Something Completely Different

Today, I stopped in on the NW Rally Association/SCCA event at DirtFish Rally.  That was very entertaining.  Can’t really see taking out my Fords on the gravel, but it sure looks fun.  The DirtFish folks conduct short classes for prepping Rally Cross newbies.  That could be entertaining with a beater car.  Kind of like a stout Lemons car.

Some video from the day:

Some images:






In truth, the craziest part of the day was the drive home.  The traffic through downtown Redmond was insane.  The drivers were relatively patient up to a point.  But not everyone was able to handle the stress of 20 minutes going 20 feet.  I think that the bigger the SUV, sometimes, the shorter the fuse.  But I’m home now.

In any event, if you think maybe thrashing about on gravel looks like fun, checkout the NW Rally Association.

Founder and Race Director Kito Brielmaier is the person to contact for any info.  He also builds stuff — like under trays (probably the number one thing, besides wheels, tires, and struts you’ll want to consider for Rally Cross).


New Hatchback in the Stable

I have an affinity for small Ford hatchbacks.

First there was the 2004 SVT Focus.  That got a cage and a charge-air cooled supercharger (among many other alterations). Then there was (still is) a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.  That’s getting wrapped up now with some mountune changes getting dialed in to perk it up.  No cage.

Now, I have another Ford hatchback. This one is a considerable step up from my prior toy cars, but this one will be staying essentially stock. It’ll likely get some basic track prep changes as needed (pads, fluids, teflon lines, track wheels, other fluids), but that’s about it.  It won’t be my regular track day car.  It’ll see maybe one or two events per year for kicks.

Frankenfiesta will remain be my principal motorsports toy. Even that will only see a few events a year.  Maybe try some autocross, or who knows, local rallycross. The two cars will split grocery-getting duties for me day in and day out. No commute here, so they’ll both be low mileage cars.  One thing is for sure, the Fiesta has a MUCH better turning circle that the RS.  The thing parks like a pickup truck. I swear our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a better turning radius.

Here’s a pic of the new hatch:


Change in Cancellation Policy for SCCA TNiA

I’m getting set to attend a couple of SCCA Track Night in America events (Shelton and PIR).  I was wondering about the event cancellation policy.  It’s changed.  Here’s the new policy:

Here at Track Night, we understand things happen, plans change, cars may need unexpected maintenance, and other issues do occur, creating the need to cancel occasionally.

While we cannot give refunds, we can transfer your event registration to another event, another person, or we can issue a full credit for you to use toward another event.

All you need to do is fill out the Event Change Request form, select which option works best for you, and we’ll take care of it. Request for credit must be in by 4pm Central time the day before the event so that our staff has adequate time to fill your vacated space.

If there are extenuating circumstances you think we should know about while helping you resolve this issue, please email

That’s not as friendly as it used to be, but it’s fair.