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Turn2 Adds Midweek 1/2-Day Events

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We have been asked lately what Late Apexing is.  Well, at least our format.  Late Apexing is an event held on several Wednesday evenings through out the season.  Between 2pm and 7pm, you can come and enjoy the warm afternoon air blowing through your open windows as you hear the howl of the car next to you pass by.  Or is it you passing the other car?  Anyhow, this was a success in the 2017 track season and we will continue with it in the 2018 track season.  We begin our first one next Wednesday on April 4th and then again on April 18th.  All of our Late Apexing dates are open on for registration.

Here are the dates

April 4th, 18th
May 23rd
June 6th, 27th
July 25th
August 15th, 29th
September 5th and 26th

This gives us an additional 10 more track days for the season and as a plus for these days, they are only $200.00!  Now if you can only convince the boss to leave early…

We have been asked if there is a T2 season pass for our drivers.  Living so close to Snoqualmie Pass and understanding the draw that this has for skiers, I have been trying to figure out how this may work.  The challenge is how we work in our diverse events into something that will work for our drivers.  I have decided to use a system that we came up with a few years ago.  We will create packages of 10  or more days for 10% off the package.  You decide which days and what kind of days you want and what kind of mixture of those days you want! Seeing that we have 28 regular track days available right now, there is a lot to choose from.  Just plan them out, or just commit to days and figure out the days later.  No problem!  We will make it as simple as we can for you.

Have a great day and I hope to see you at the track soon!

To see the calendar for the 2018 season, it can be found on





Club Lotus to Have Its Fall Track Day!

Last fall, Mark Viskov suggested that Club Lotus NW might be done with track days at Portland after the 2017 event.  His optimism had sunk some due to rising costs and other issues.

I was bummed.

However, the website suggests that a 2018 event is in the offing.

AND:  In fact, a Club Lotus NW event actually shows up in the PIR calender as well, so I’m VERY hopeful.  Maybe I’ll take my daily driver hatch down for a spin.

Looks like the All British Meet weekend was pushed out in September due to the Verizon IndyCar Gran Prix coming to town on Memorial Day Weekend.

Yay!  Club Lotus is my absolute favorite club-based event organizer.  Mark Viskov is the man!