Public Service Announcement: Fire Extinguishers

If there is one thing that you should add to your track day car, it’s a fire extinguisher.  I’m on my third (and probably last) track car and they’ve all had fire extinguishers — although I’ve never had a reason to use one.  Thankfully.

The SVT Focus had a Spa Technique fire suppression setup, activated by pulling a handle mounted on the dash that was attached to a long cable (and the bottle). That cost some $$$. The Fiesta ST has a Safecraft bottle mounted with a custom bracket attached under the passenger seat, so that it travels as the seat slides.  It stays out of the way nicely for a passenger. It is very slick, but pricey to get done.  I really liked the quick-release mounting assembly provided by Safecraft, but that was also expensive.

So, now with the Focus RS, I’ve made a compromise.  I liked the quick release concept and the Safecraft PB2 bottle, but I was not keen to spend so much on mounting the thing.

I found a Scott Drake quick release mount that I mated with a Kap Industries bracket specific to the MkIII Focus.  I got all the parts this week and, with a little help, I was able to adapt it all today and here is the result:



Thank you to Paul at Tacoma Screw in Kirkland for a couple of free fasteners and to Jon at TLC Auto Care for snipping the excess t-bolt threading so the thing would actually fit flush to the floor as intended.

No affiliation whatsoever to the mentioned vendors.  They’ve just treated me well.  So, thank you, all.



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