I’ve been tending this page in one form or another since about 2005 or so.  It started as a personal calendar, expanded to be generally available on the web to my track day pals (eventually with its own domain), and then scaled back to being an “information” resource on my employees.org account.  Now: It’s found a home here which is, I believe,  going to be its (comparatively) permanent location.

Motorsportsreg.com keeps a very thorough calendar completely up to date and all the groups maintain their own calendars. It’s redundant and not time efficient for me to mess with yet another calendar. This is just a spot that collects information about the sponsors of track days, local circuits, and various resources.

I’ll leave it to you to determine whether or not this is handy for your purposes.  It is for me.  Now that it’s migrated to WordPress, it’s also MUCH easier to maintain.  No more SFTP. And, while I can use Dreamweaver to noodle on the thing, it’s not critical. I can just edit HTML inline here.  WIN!!!!

I’m also a recreational photographer.  I’ll include images from track days here.

AND:  If any organizer in the area needs some help snapping action shots of participants on the track, I’d be delighted to provide that service (time, weather, and availability permitting).

Link to some samples.

Conact me via email: mysvtftoy@gmail.com

Follow page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pnwhpde/

For my track day buddies that land here, I have included a stripped down calendar of event options I’m considering.  Find that here.

Updated: 7/24/17


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