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Added my personal planning calendar

I stopped providing a complete calendar several years ago.  However, I do maintain a personal “options” calendar.   I’ve added that here.  Hope to see you kids out there!


Thanks, sysadmin!

After some back and forth, the sysadmin over at helped me  set up the old account to redirect here.  So, even if someone finds the old page link via search, they’ll land here when they click it.

OMG! It’s responsive!

I’ve been tuning this page up since moving it on Saturday.

I learned something in the process:  It’s a responsive design!  That means that it adjusts to the size of the mobile screen by collapsing the menus and resizing the images and tables.  I love that I can just pick a simple, clean design and the code is there to handle mobile viewers.

It’s true that the tables only present fully in “landscape” mode  But hey, they actually show up and fit to the screen.  That’s better than the mothership can say for many of its pages


Moved to WordPress

Well, it was time to find a semi-permanent home for my PNW track days info page that does not hinge on my employer.

That company-supported setup was nice while it lasted, but you never know how things will go in the future and file access hinges on Cisco employment.

Things change and it feels like this is a good time to make the move.  It also makes an easy place to post track day photos.