Pacific Raceways 2018 Road Course Schedule

The folks at Pacific Raceways published a listing of all the road course events.  That listing also presents the ProFormance Racing School dates in a separate table.

Link:  Pacific Raceways Road Course Schedule



2018 SCCA Track Night in America Schedule Posted

Preliminary schedule for local venues:

  • Pacific Raceways; Kent, WA
    May 25, June 13
  • Portland International Raceway; Portland, OR
    April 13, May 18, June 8, August 10
  • Ridge Motorsports Park; Shelton, WA
    April 12, May 16, June 7, July 24, August 8, September 13

Link:  SCCA TNiA 2018 Schedule Press Release


2018 Skip Day Track Days Posted

I got this from Peter Belfanti:


skip day image
Like a Bad RASH….   We are back for 2018!!
As all ways we are going to offer maximum track time in open track formats, minium BS, for the best price possible.

Mark your calendars for 2018
March 17th Saturday – ORP instructor and worker training – this is how you get your certification to instruct for the year.
March 18th sun – 19th mon – Oregon Raceway park 2 DAY SEASON KICKOFF
April 8th mon – Oregon Raceway Park
June 11th mon – Oregon Raceway Park
July 16th mon Oregon Raceway Park
August 16th – Portland International Raceway

Registration will be opening for all events shortly on Motorsports Reg!

Yours for the sport
Peter Belfanti
Skip Day Track Days

I have not tracked with this group. Most of their events are at ORP.  It’s a little far for my tastes, if ever try it, I think I’ll be out with Cantrell Motorsports.  Their by far my favorite group to track with. So sad that they could not get it work financially at Shelton.

Changes to Evening Lapping Events at the Ridge

I saw this come up awhile ago when checking in about 2018 events.  Apparently, in the summer, The Ridge Racing School handed off management of their Wednesday Nights at the Track (separate from TNiA with SCCA).  These are also 1/2 day, lower cost events that run durinjg the extended daylight summer evenings.

Tom sent a note about the 1/2-day events earlier in the year, but I had my plans in place, plus my car kept hiccuping at the track.  Hopefully, this year will go more smoothly.

Click this link for racing school notes about the “partnership.”

No listings for specific events yet. I’ll add these to my personal planning calendar when they appear, here.